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Jewelry Care

Care of Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

To keep your jewellery looking sparkling and lustrous, observe the following care guidelines:


Always store each piece of jewellery separately to avoid items being scratched, this is particularly relevant to the simulated pearls.
Travel with crystal jewellery pieces packed in their own protective pouches to minimise scratches.

What to avoid

The jewellery may be damaged by direct contact with sprays such as hairsprays, perfumes, deodorants or detergents and salt water. Add jewellery last when dressing.

When not to wear

Never wear jewellery in the bath, in bed or when exercising. This can cause unreasonable stress and wear and tear.


An occasional polishing with a soft cloth will help to maintain its original lustrous finish.
If jewellery is very dirty, wash your jewellery from time to time using warm water, a mild detergent and a soft tooth brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water prior to drying with a clean cotton cloth. This only applies to jewellery set with only crystal.
Do not, however, immerse pieces in water.
Do not use sonic cleaners, boiling water or ammonia cleaners.

Cleaning Pearls

Do not wash the simulated pearls - these should just be buffed with a soft dry cloth.


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