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Family Birthstone Beaded Bookmark

Exclusively at Mother of Pearl Designs!

These are called Thong Bookmarks.
You simply lay them between the pages and let the beads dangle from either end. Beautiful!
Click on image for larger view

Looking for a special gift for that certain someone? Like the idea of a mother's bracelet or a mother's ring but don't want to spent quite that much? Then this may be just what you are looking for! A beaded bookmark using the whole families birthstones! On one end there are 8mm round Swarovski Crystals in the birthstone colors of your choice surrounded by Swarovski Crystal clear bicones and sterling silver to represent the children. On the other end is one 8mm round Swarovski Crystal round bead in the color of the month of the parents marriage and dangling from it are two Swarovski Crystal bicones, one for each of the parents in their birthstone colors. In between are clear seed beads. When the bookmark is laid in between the pages of the book the birthstone ends hang out from either end as a reminder of not only where you are in the book but also of the wonderful family you have.

The center of the bookmark will accommodate both hard bound and paper bound books.

To see the birthstone color choices click here.

Enter your birthstone choices below. Enter the children's months separated by commas in the order that you would like them on the bookmark. The first one listed will be placed at the top of the bookmark closest to the seed beads. For the marriage and parents colors, list the marriage month first and then the parents birth months.

The part of the bookmark that is outside of the book is about 3 1/2 inches long, seed beads will be removed to accommodate the crystals.

If you need fewer than three crystals you may have clear crystals or a shorter a slightly shorter bookmark whichever you prefer. If you would like clear crystals added, just state "add clear crystals" and the number of them you would like after the birthstone colors.

If a large number of crystals are required, 6mm crystals may be substituted for the 8mm so that the bookmark won't be too long. In that case, you will be notified before hand and a photo will be sent via email for your approval. We want you to be happy with your bookmark as with any of our jewelry. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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